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Can Anyone Gain Weight?

Can anyone gain weight? Absolutely! Let's break down the basics of weight gain and how it's achievable for everyone. 😁

Weight gain is possible for everyone with a personalized approach. Just by using our Real Weight Gains Vitamin Syrup or our Real Weight Gains Multivitamin Tablets anyone will find it much easier to pack on the pounds. However; just by consuming a calorie surplus through a balanced diet and engaging in strength training, you can also achieve your unique weight gain goals even if you aren't using our products. The major 🔑 no matter if you have a fast metabolism, hyperactive thryroid or just a hard gainer for any reason is utilizing the art of a calorie surplus. 😎

What is a calorie surplus❓❓

So when an individual consumes more calories than their body needs to maintain its current weight, they are in a calorie surplus, and you go into a calorie surplus by increasing the amount of food consumed by about 250-500 calories over your personalized necessary calorie intake number, and by decreasing the amount of physical activity performed simultaneously, because of course the more activity the more calories you burn.

This is why with every purchase of our Real Weight Gains syrup we give a free neccesary calorie intake graph so that you KNOW the number of calories YOU must reach daily since this is a personalized number. Everyone's number is different dependent upon your age, height, weight, activity level and whether you were born male or female.

How to achieve a calorie surplus‼️

Achieving a calorie surplus involves a balanced approach, focusing on nutrient-dense foods, consistency and mindful eating habits, and this is important when gaining because in order to gain weight, we know that your body needs to have more calories available than it burns, so without a calorie surplus, your body does not have the extra energy and nutrients it needs to build new muscle tissue and store extra energy to boost your weight. which can make it difficult to see the results that you want from your weight gain efforts.

Putting the strategy into play🎯

So for those of us with a fast metabolism or those of us that believe that we’re just hard gainers, a calorie surplus is one of the most important things that we can do, because this is going to allow us to see those gains period..  and this can be done a few times out of the week or for a few weeks straight and  this is another reason why a calorie tracking app is imperative to any weight gain journey because you want to be able to calculate and be sure that you are adding at least 250 -500 extra calories on top of your necessary calorie intake number in order to go into that calorie surplus.

And this is actually a strategy that body builders and professional athletes use to gain so I dont want to confuse this with just mindlessly overeating, this is more like strategic gaining. The quality of the calories you consume is also important, so those calories should come from healthy, nutrient-dense sources like our  lean proteins, complex carbohydrates, and healthy fats. because remember Consuming too many calories from unhealthy sources like processed foods and sugary drinks can lead to not only negative health consequences, but it can also hinder your weight gain progress by causing you to see an increase in your weight gain followed by a quick decrease. And we won't be doing that here 😀 we’re going to be very intentional with our calorie surplus days and the best way or do this is by meal prepping so that we are sure to hit the amount of calories we have set as a goal.

Let's a plan a day for performing a calorie surplus and let us know how it goes .. Need extra guidance ❓ Take our 7 day weight gain challenge 😎 We'll walk you through exactly what to do and what to eat with our free 7 day high calorie meal plan and so much more! Welp, next time Gain Crew .. see ya back at the Blog Spot‼️

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