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Thick Thick BBL Gummies

Thick Thick BBL Gummies

Our premium Thick Thick BBL Gummies, is an all-natural formulation designed to target and enhance the appearance of your hips and butt area. Our specialized blend of natural ingredients promotes the accumulation of fat cells in these areas, resulting in a beautifully contoured and shapely derriere.


For Maximum results pair with our Real Weight Gains Vitamin syrup or our MultiVitamin Tabs.



Please Note: We take great pride in crafting our gummies using 100% natural ingredients. As such, the texture of our gummies may differ from the traditional "gummy" texture that you may be accustomed to, as our gelatin is derived from natural sources rather than animal skin.


Rest assured that our commitment to using only natural ingredients ensures that you can expect a unique, high-quality product that is both delicious and wholesome.

  • How to use:

    Take 2-3 gummies 1 X daily after a meal

    Store in a cool place or fridge

  • Ingredients:

    Fenugreek, aguajae fruit powder, dong quai, Maca root, l-tyrosine, saw palmetto, chasteberry extract, blessed thistle, fennel, wild yam, red clover, 100% spring water, lemon juice, agar agar Powder, agave nectar, 100% organic sugar cane, all natural preservatives, all natural flavoring

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