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Real Weight Gains Weight Gain Syrup + High Calorie Meal Plan + Calorie Graph

Real Weight Gains Weight Gain Syrup + High Calorie Meal Plan + Calorie Graph

Each Plan includes:


*Bottle(s) of Real Weight Gain Syrup

*1 Personalized Neccesary Calorie Intake Graph

*Real Weight Gains High-Calorie PDF Recipe cookbook

*Free Shipping & Handling


NOTE: We do not recommend using our Real Weight Gains syrup WITH our Real Weight Gains Multivitamin Tablets.


If you're looking to gain weight and increase your appetite fast and effectively then look no further than our Real Weight Gains Multivitamin syrup.


Included in every order of our Real Weight Gains syrup is our newly released High-Calorie recipe book featuring delicious and easy-to-follow meals with the calorie count included. Paired with your personalized necessary calorie intake graph, you'll have all the tools you need to achieve your weight gain goals and see those gains you desire.


Here at Real Weight Gains, we believe that everyone deserves to feel confident and comfortable in their own skin. Our vitamin syrup is not just any ordinary weight gain supplement - it is packed with essential vitamins and amino acids specifically formulated to increase your appetite and slow down your metabolism, allowing you to gain weight in the areas you desire the most.


For women, our syrup targets the legs, breast, and buttock areas, while for men it targets the legs, arms, and torso area.


But that's not all - our weight gain syrup also comes with a personalized calorie intake chart, designed to help you achieve your weight gain goals quickly and easily. Simply provide your age, height, current weight, and weekly activity level, and we'll provide you with your accurate calculation to help you hit the necessary number of calories daily for sustainable weight gain.


    This syrup is for you if:


    • You have a poor appetite and want to improve/increase your appetite.


    • You have a Fast/high metabolism which keeps you from being able to see the gains that you desire.


    • You are a "hard gainer" and have not been able to see an increase in your weight no matter how hard you’ve tried in the past.


    • You have reached your desired weight and want to maintain an appetite in order to maintain your body weight.


    • You just want to increase your body weight/size.


    *Do not take if you are pregnant or nursing!


    Real Weight Gains syrup comes with a measuring cup for use. We recommend taking 10ML 3 times daily 15-20 minutes before each meal. This will allow you to see maximum results ensuring you reach your weight gain goal.

    NOTE: You may experience drowsiness during the first 3-4 days of initial use. To decrease drowsiness you may take 5ML 1-2 times daily for the first few days.


    L-Lysine-this is a building block for proteins and essential amino acid that is necessary for human health, it aids in energy intake as well as the increase of appetite

    Thiamine- which is also known as Vitamin B1 helps to turn food into energy and to keep the nervous system healthy.

    Other vitamins include Vitamin B6 Vitamin B3, and Vitamin B5.


    When placing your order, you will be asked to provide your Age, Height, Current Weight, and Weekly Activity/Exercise level. This information will allow us to accurately calculate your personalized necessary calorie intake results.

    Your personalized calorie intake chart is included to show you the exact number of calories you need to consume daily to see the weight gain you desire. Most people fail at their weight gain journey because they are not reaching the correct number of calories needed to gain weight. They believe that just eating or snacking all day will lead to weight gain, but this is not correct.

    As a team of weight gain coaches, we understand that there is a set number of calories unique to each person's body based on their sex, age, height, weight, and weekly activity level that should be consumed daily to see an increase in body weight. We believe in results and we are dedicated to helping you achieve your weight gain goals in a healthy and sustainable way which is why we include a personalized graph in every order of our weight gain syrup, free of charge.

    NOTE:To make the most of the information included in the personalized graph, we recommend using a calorie-tracking app like "Nutritionix Track" to ensure that you are hitting the necessary number of calories daily.

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