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Drop shipping with Real Weight Gains is fun and easy. Make money from your phone without the headache of shipping or inventory.





    Listing Product 


Upload product images from Real Weight Gains website to your store.



    Receiving Orders


Your customer places an order on your online store. 



    Fulfillment of Order 


After you receive an order go to to place the order and your order will be fulfilled within 24 hours.


Please be sure to fill out the customer's full address including suite/Apartment numbers. 




Drop shipping is a retail fulfillment business model that allows people and businesses to ship a third-party product directly from a supplier to the customer, which the customer purchases from your business. 


The dropshipping process itself is incredibly simple, and if you're taking the right steps to do everything & marketing the products on the right platforms, your business can take off before you know it. 








QUESTION: What happens after someone places an order on my website?

ANSWER: Once you receive an order you will then head to RealWeightGains.Com to place the order completing the purchase for your customer.



QUESTION: How long will it take for my customer to receive their package?

ANSWER: Here at Real Weight Gains we pride ourselves on fast shipping. We ship same day and next day using USPS priority shipping. Customers will generally receive their package within 2-3 days (not including Sundays) after placing the order.


QUESTION: Will I have to pay for the shipping or should I charge the customer for shipping?

ANSWER: We currently offer free shipping so you can keep more of your profit.


QUESTION: Can I take international orders?

ANSWER: We do not currently ship internally. However, if you feel your target audience is international please e-mail us as we attempt to accommodate as much as possible, but please be aware that you or your customer will have to cover the shipping fees.


QUESTION: Can I choose my own name for my store/business?

ANSWER: Yes, your dropshipping business is completely your own, you can choose to name it as you please, however, we do not yet offer customized labels therefore the label on the bottle will say "Real Weight Gains" but we will not include any other "Real Weight Gains" branding on nor inside of the packaging. 



QUESTION: How should I price my Real Weight Gains products?


ANSWER: Pricing your product is always up to you, however, you want to be sure that you are making a profit so always price above the retail price.

QUESTION: What if I don't have a website to sell from?

ANSWER: There are many E-Commerce platforms to choose from, the most popular is Shopify. If you'd like a free option we suggest


You can also choose to have Real Weight Gains set up a simple storefront for you through Bigcartel or Wix however, there is a $60 set-up fee associated with this. 


QUESTION: What if I need more product information for my website?

ANSWER: You can retrieve all product information here on our site. If you'd like any specific information you are always free to e-mail us at RealWeightGains@Gmail.Com 

QUESTION: I don't want to dropship can I get paid for referring people instead?


ANSWER: Sure, not interested in drop shipping? Join our Affiliate program instead, if you haven't heard we're one of the top paying companies around. Just sign up receive your affiliate code and promote, and when someone uses your code, you get paid!! YES... It's really that simple.



Have a question that you may not see here? Feel free to contact us at for any further questions you may have, we love to help.


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